Infographic: Consumers’ Guide to Better Experiences

No matter what your title is – marketer, business leader, etc. – you are also a consumer. But so often we compartmentalize these two parts of ourselves to a fault. The business professional part of ourselves makes decisions or settles for experiences that our consumer selves would get upset by. 

Think about the last poor experience you had engaging with a brand or purchasing a product. What went wrong and what could the brand have done better? Now ask yourself if your company struggles in any of the same areas. The employee part of you might say no, while the consumer would say yes. And nothing will change for the better with your brand’s experiences unless both parts of you are on the same page. 

The professional parts of all of us at Studio Science work to help brands understand what actions will resonate most and what consumers expect to avoid those dreaded poor experiences. And to help keep us connected to our consumer selves, we decided to ask 500 consumers about what brands did well, where they struggled, and what doesn’t impact them as much as brands may like to think. 

If you want the full deep dive, you can read all the findings in our 2024 CX Trends Report. And to give you a taste of what to expect, we took what these consumers told us and built a five-step guide to creating better customer experiences, along with what’s at stake, in the infographic below. 


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