Why the Hell Aren’t More Leaders Truly Investing in CX?

What does the customer experience  mean to you? When you think about it, and why it’s important, it seems like a pretty obvious answer, right? The definition should be simple.

And yet somehow, not only are many people not on the same page about what it actually means, but despite a universal agreement that it’s incredibly important, not enough people are properly investing in it. How do I know?

Over the course of 25 years, Studio Science has worked with a remarkably wide variety of organizations to elevate the customer experiences they deliver. During this time, as a growing number of company leaders make CX a strategic priority, we’ve observed great variation in how they define, delegate, and set expectations for it. Which is why we recently embarked on an in-depth process to “officially” capture the views of today’s CX and service design leaders.

Our findings, which can be found in our trend report “Blueprint for a Better Way to Lead Customer Experience” and are based on qualitative and quantitative research, are not earth shattering. Honestly, it’s kind of common sense. 

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • While CX is universally seen as a top priority, organizations define and manage it surprisingly differently.
  • Budget responsibility for CX is inconsistent across organizations.
  • Too many companies ignore the importance of employee experience when designing CX.
  • Dealing with competitive and regulatory landscapes creates the biggest headaches for leaders.
  • New CX budget dollars target technology, rather than the under-funded bigger picture.

My question for business owners and CX leaders is, despite how simple and obvious these findings may be, why aren’t you putting your money where your mouth is? Why isn’t CX a larger percentage of your budget? Why do you keep throwing money at technology that won’t get to the root cause of the problems you’re trying to solve rather than investing in a people-centered design expert (or approach) focused on a process that genuinely engages your customers?

We’ve long envisioned a better way forward for businesses, but couldn’t completely refine the strategy without a deeper understanding of the status quo among CX leaders. Now that we have it, we feel confident we have the right blueprint to move ahead. If this is the wakeup call I hope it is for you, and you want help in defining what CX means for your unique organizational needs, let’s chat about how we can work together. 

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