Adobe Population Health

Delivering better healthcare outcomes with Salesforce and Mulesoft

Adobe Population Health partnered with Studio Science to integrate its business systems using Mulesoft RPA, Salesforce Flow Orchestration, and Mulesoft Composer. By automating its workflows, tasks, and processes, the company now saves thousands of work hours, achieves significant labor efficiency, and ultimately helps patients receive a higher quality of care.


Adobe Population Health, a care management company focused on delivering innovative healthcare solutions, works with state and federal insurance providers to identify gaps and disparities that can impact the health of their members. By providing access to healthcare resources and services like regular wellness checks, Adobe Population Health aims to close those gaps and improve the overall health of its patients. 

Nurse practitioners at Adobe Population Health needed to access several systems and applications to complete intakes and validations, creating hours of manual tasks and introducing risk to data integrity. Because the portals and systems used by these payors cannot provide back-end connectivity or APIs, the company needed a solution that complied with payor requirements for proof of care rendered to patients through a web application portal.


Choosing Salesforce and Mulesoft as the solution to integrate its disparate systems, Adobe Population Health also chose Studio Science to help achieve its mission. Streamlining the intake and data entry process increases data integrity by automating the process and removing risk of human error. The solution also saves providers time, boosts efficiency, and gives nurse practitioners more time to spend on patient care. 

With Mulesoft RPA, Adobe Population Health could move data from its Salesforce CRM directly to state and federal portals by programmatically automating the clicks and keystrokes that usually require manual entry. Part of a larger integration solution that can be built into Mulesoft Anypoint technology, the integration also provides the ability to scale quickly without additional overhead. The result: a solution that transfers data more efficiently, accurately, and within compliance.


For Adobe Population Health the impact was immediate: not only were manual data entry hours eliminated, but the new programming also allowed the company to quickly retrain the Mulesoft program for new portals as it expands to new markets. The solution easily scales with patient and nurse needs, and without bloating administrative support. 

Long-term impact for Adobe Population Health includes the ability to scale, with the potential to serve more patients in more areas and elevate the quality of healthcare for more communities.

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