Why you don’t want to hire just any Salesforce consultant

When it comes to investing in software to help grow your business, it should go without saying that you want to make sure you get a top ROI. And, while I may be biased when I say this, a large factor in achieving this is who you work with to implement said software.

Google technical debt and you’ll find a variation of definitions all essentially saying the same thing: it’s the cost of reworking a solution caused by choosing an easy (yet limited) solution. And it’s a lot more common than you may think.

I’ve been building Salesforce implementations for many years now, including in my current role as a Technical Lead at Studio Science. I spend my days working closely with Salesforce clients – from financial institutions and universities, to manufacturing and retail companies – to ensure they are making the most out of their investment in Salesforce. Trust me when I say, technologists want to avoid technical debt. But it’s also important for non-technical people to understand the implications of technical debt and how to avoid it when designing customer experiences.

As B2B commerce continues to rapidly grow, so has Salesforce’s investment in the space. As such, the challenges we see most with clients is how to integrate everything from a multitude of sites they’ve been using – where data is disorganized and quite literally everywhere – onto one site: Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The truth is, anyone can build a B2B commerce site, but not everyone takes the same approach that combines creativity, design, and technology to create a holistic customer experience. At Studio Science, we:


  • Take a human-centered approach: While I’ve worked at Salesforce consultancies in the past, Studio Science is truly different. Across all teams and departments, we live on building positive experiences for humans and to help strengthen interactions. We build sites that are able to generate more business because of our human-centered approach. We are first and foremost a design agency. And unlike other Salesforce consultancies, we lead with a design mindset rather than simply throwing technology at something. We’re (literally) designing solutions that are going to be long lasting and scalable, that will help us grow your company to see continued success. What may seem like small problems we’re solving can create exponential improvements in the ease of experience for our client’s customers. 


  • Have a Commerce Cloud niche: As Salesforce’s popularity has grown, so has the number of consultancies “specializing” in it. I put that in quotes because the reality is, it’s hard to truly specialize in everything Salesforce offers – there is simply too much. At Studio Science, we’re not generalists. While we have experience in and the ability to implementations across many clouds, we’ve honed in on one very specific area our B2B clients need the most – Commerce Cloud. We have an integrations team in house that can handle all of the integrations that come with the platform. By solely focusing on this area, we’re able to give our clients the absolute best results as we’re truly specialized.  


  • Become an extension of your team: As a design consultancy, we have competencies in areas outside of Salesforce that can truly help transform your business. And we work closely with you to do it. Maybe you need some brand strategy (we have an entire team dedicated to this), or some web design to go along with your implementation (we also have a team that specializes in product design and front end development), or perhaps some content development (you guessed it, we have a team that doest that, too.)


While there is no shortage of companies that can integrate Salesforce for you, few, if any, will be able to do it like us. Studio Science brings a holistic approach to your implementation that will make sure you’re not just avoiding technical debt, but that you’re truly making the most out of your platform and website. We’re not just building out a product or implementation, we’re also building an experience that’s bringing people along for the ride.

Looking for Salesforce Commerce help? I’d love to connect! Drop me a quick note and bethchelmowski@studioscience.com and I’ll help you get started.


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