Increased customer adoption and retention by a nationwide coworking space provider

Expansive, a nationwide coworking space provider, sought to distinguish its offering in a crowded marketplace by providing world-class amenities as well as the means to access services effortlessly.

Expansive challenged Studio Science to improve the services available to coworking tenants and their guests. Studio Science designed a customer experience platform to replace its labor-intensive concierge model that relied almost exclusively on community managers.

Their existing system wasn’t meeting customer or employee needs, as evidenced by a low customer adoption rate. We started by understanding the needs of the customers (coworking members) and the employees (community managers) to design a service that would improve CX and EX. After launch, we collected and acted on feedback from customers and employees to ensure it had the intended impact on CX and EX. After its launch, the new platform eased the time burden of employees to serve customers—and the customer adoption rate rose by 70%.