Organizations must co-design the service with key stakeholders to align CX and EX meaningfully. Key stakeholders include the typical decision-makers and those that will ultimately be affected by the decisions: front-line workers and customers. They can also include providers (and their investors) who gain economic value from operating the service, communities in which the service takes place, and communities in which essential resources are produced.

Organizations that make decisions about solutions on behalf of customers create misalignment between the organization and its customers—and ultimately results in poor customer adoption and retention. Similarly, making decisions for what will work best for employees without employee involvement leads to organizational misalignment—and finally, low employee engagement and higher turnover.

At Studio Science, we utilize a transferable, repeatable methodology focused on creating as much value as possible for all stakeholders in the system. To design better experiences, we seek opportunities for innovation, we determine appropriate solutions, and we implement them effectively. We do this by co-designing with our clients’ customers and employees, which helps eliminate assumptions and ensure a successful implementation. When a service is co-designed with its customers, it is significantly more likely to meet customer needs. When a service is co-designed with the employees that will ultimately deliver that experience, it de-risks successful implementation. It gives employees more ownership of the process.