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The Commerce Lab

Live Demo: Creating a Connected B2B Commerce Ecosystem

Join Studio Science and our Salesforce Commerce experts to help differentiate your business and win. Commerce is increasingly becoming a way to drive loyalty and increase sales productivity. We’ll show you exactly how to automate high-volume sales processes and increase AOV with AI-powered solutions. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a B2B Storefront on Salesforce
  • Automate sales processes with AI-powered tools
  • Manage a catalog, promotions, price lists, and more all in one solution
  • Cover actionable next steps to get started

Automate Revenue and Personalize Transactions with
AI-Powered Commerce

 June 12 | 12 p.m. EDT

About The Commerce Lab

Seeing is believing and with The Commerce Lab, you’re going to see what’s possible using Salesforce Commerce Cloud to get a better understanding of what’s possible and belief in your commerce success.

This isn’t a YouTube tutorial. Every month, Studio Science will demo the latest use cases and answer your questions regarding how to make the most of the Salesforce suite of products to take your ecommerce ecosystem to a new level.

Our Presenters

Eric Sexton

Eric is a Technical Architect with more than 15 years in the Salesforce space who helps companies find success by overseeing the development and innovation of user-friendly software and spearheading enterprise-wide programs.

Jarrod Kingston

Jarrod is member of the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame, having served in a number of engineering, architecture, business analyst, and sales roles while partnering with customers to create exceptional solutions that provide business outcomes.