Salesforce + Studio Science

Next-Gen D2C Commerce Cloud Demo

End-to-End Capabilities with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Why should you think of us as the B2B commerce experts? Because when Salesforce needed a demo created to showcase the future of its B2B and D2C commerce capabilities, it came to us. You can check out a sneak peak teaser below.


The demo showcases cross-cloud use cases that bring together the power of Salesforce’s products, including this example of on-page order support where Commerce Cloud interacts with Service Cloud to enhance the customer experience.

Other use cases and features include:

– Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud for personalization
– Third-Party ISVs like Threekit and Yotpo
– Einstein Copilot for commerce
– Salesforce payments
– Easy store setup
– Generative descriptions
– Commerce intelligence
– Smart promotions

Reach out to Derek Neff at for more information on the demo and to learn how Studio Science can help deliver these experiences for your clients.

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