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Youth Placement Exchange for Juvenile Justice

The justice system – specifically the juvenile system – is a complex ecosystem where a number of providers and agencies may be involved. And with such high stakes when dealing with youth in need, collaboration is critical. The organization, accuracy, and security of data being processed requires integrated platforms operating in real time. And Studio Science is uniquely qualified to help courts and providers work more cohesively.

Built on Salesforce, Connected with MuleSoft

Our Youth Placement Exchange manages the placement of youths from the court system to and from participating providers and allows service providers not participating in the Youth Placement Exchange to engage via a portal.

Leveraging a court administration system on Salesforce, integration platform built on MuleSoft, and with a CCWIS already in place, we can integrate from system to court, court to system, or create synchronized data between the two.

Why You Need a Youth Placement Exchange Solution

1. Provides a secure, accurate, and efficient sharing of case and court information for service providers.

2. Offers shared information in context (e.g., documents associated with their records).

3. Reduces and elements the need for dual data entry among the court and service providers involved with the youth.

Youth Placement Exchange Project Outcomes

Promote Data Quality

Timely, complete, and accurate data so that stakeholders can use it to inform decisions.

Increase Productivity

A user-centric system designed for daily work.

Improve Program Outcomes

Use information, not just record it, to allow for more high-value work with families to reduce trauma.

Demonstrate Compliance

Automatically syncs data captured throughout the life of a case.

Reduce Turnover

Help reduce burnout, stress, and other pressures that contribute to turnover.

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