Rob Wessel
Senior Brand Strategist

Rob is Studio Science’s Senior Strategist. Using people-centered design methods, he works with clients to ensure their voices are captured through every phase of a project. He believes that people know their own problems better than anyone else, and he loves helping them create meaningful solutions.

Rob is just at the beginning his design career. He is a 2016 graduate of the Herron School of Art and Design’s MFA program in Visual Communication Design, Design Thinking, and Design Leadership. While in school, he worked with local hospitals, providers, and state health organizations on projects aimed at improving health care and social services. For his thesis, Rob worked with Indiana women veterans to co-create a new social support network model.

Prior to his life in design, Rob did some pretty interesting things, from translating Arabic to interpreting satellite images. If you ask him, his varied experiences help him understand the experiences of others.

When Rob isn’t in the studio, he’s usually being run ragged by his adorable twins (1 of each). When everything has settled for the evening, he likes to keep his drawing hand sharp. Or maybe just get some sleep.