Claire Butterfield
Product Design Lead

Claire is part of the Product Design and Strategy team as a Product Design Lead. She considers her superpowers to be listening and problem-solving, and uses those tools to design services and experiences that create value.

Her start in design began at Virginia Tech, where she studied Industrial Design within the College of Architecture and Urban Studies. Shortly after graduating, she interned at Techtronic Industries where she designed power tools for The Home Depot. While there, she was exposed to app design and the process of creating digital user experiences, which shifted her career in the direction of digital product design.

Before joining Studio Science, Claire spent five years at the Pittsburgh-based consultancy, Truefit. She worked on a cross-disciplinary team that developed digital experiences for companies and their end users. During her time at Truefit, Claire delivered product experiences in industries ranging from healthcare and biotech, to finance and immigration law.

Claire currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA, her hometown. When she’s not in the office, she’s usually on the mats training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or outside trail running. To unwind, Claire likes listening to music and podcasts or exploring Pittsburgh’s growing food scene.