Threekit + Studio Science

Making the B2B Commerce Jump

It’s Time to Close the Gap With B2C

With customer experiences at the forefront of leaders’ minds – and due to the effect Amazon and other B2C brands have on these B2B buyers who engage with them every other aspect of their lives – the expectations for B2B companies have reached a new, heightened level.

After largely being ignored compared to their counterparts, B2B commerce programs have further to go to meet these customer needs. But that doesn’t mean B2B companies get a pass. Because two truths are becoming universal:

1. Time is of the essence, because B2B buyers are no longer willing to put up with bad experiences

2. Commerce must cover the complete buyers’ journey, and until you start thinking of the experience from end to end, you won’t be as successful as you want.

Studio Science and Threekit have collaborated on a new ebook, Making the B2B Commerce Jump, that debunks common excuses organizations have made for why B2C-inspired ecommerce can’t work and provides ways for companies to step up their commerce game, including 3D experiences. 

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