CX Trend Report

Blueprint for a better way to lead customer experience

How CX leaders view the discipline and its future

For more than 25 years, we’ve worked with an extensive variety of organizations to elevate the customer experience they deliver. As a growing number of company leaders make CX a strategic priority, we’ve observed significant variation in how they define, delegate, and set expectations for it.

Most established organizational leadership roles have established, professionalized norms and widely recognized titles, such as CFO and CIO. The spectrum of organizations and their development of the CX role is comparatively broad, affecting its image and relative importance within those organizations. CX’s lack of a widely accepted framework and professional leadership path may contribute to its lesser stature in many organizations.

We envisioned a better way forward but needed a deeper understanding of the status quo among CX leaders to refine the strategy. This report summarizes what we learned through our research and proposes a better way forward.

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