The Whit

Redesigning the Concept of Luxury

Studio Science and TWG come together to define a luxury lifestyle community

TWG, an Indianapolis-based real estate development company, expanded its portfolio by buying a historic building in downtown Indianapolis. This new property would be the crown jewel of TWG’s properties, housing both their corporate offices and 344 units.

With a portfolio primarily made up of affordable housing units, TWG knew the marketing for this property would need an elevated feel. TWG came to Studio Science for a lifestyle brand that would match their new units’ excitement and sophistication.

Communicating a Lifestyle


Studio Science began with people-centric qualitative research to determine the values, needs, and desires of potential residents and comparative research with similar apartment buildings around the country. TWG had already decided that these units’ target market would be a combination of empty-nesters looking to downsize and young professionals. Finding the commonalities between these disparate groups would be the first step to defining a timeless but trendy lifestyle brand for the apartments.

Our research discovered that regardless of demographics, individuals looking to move into a connected urban area valued individualism, self-discovery, and excitement. The main driver for looking into the area was the proximity to everything–shopping, dining, and most importantly, the ability to choose your own adventure. The lifestyle associations became the building blocks of the brand.

Studio Science coined the name “The Whit,” a shortened version of the developer’s surname Whitsett, leaning into the idea of lighthearted luxury that defined the building itself. The Whit’s brand would be both trendy and timeless, with a bright and unique color palette that reflected the building’s future residents. Throughout the building’s development process, we collaborated heavily with the designers and architects to ensure that the final brand would be reflected throughout the building’s many common areas and amenities, rather than just in the signage and advertising. The result is an immersive lifestyle experience. The Whit isn’t just a place you live; it’s a way you live.

An Iconic Landmark


The Whit is immediately distinguishable in downtown Indianapolis, with a completely different feel than the traditional, modern architecture that defines most of the city’s luxury apartments. The building’s name conjures up an image for all of the city’s residents, not just the building’s tenants. The Whit collected more pre-lease applications for this property than any other in the TWG’s history. The Whit is the perfect property for those looking to live a luxe lifestyle without compromising on character.

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