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Studio Science partnered with world-class market leader Vena to create a new brand strategy for growth

Vena brings people, processes, and systems into a complete planning platform so companies can grow anywhere together. Vena’s interface pairs the best parts of Excel and the power of a full, finance-led planning solution so businesses can experience the power of data-driven decision-making by transforming existing infrastructures into a fully integrated planning ecosystem.

With quickly shifting industry trends, especially in response to a global pandemic, Vena needed a creative and forward-thinking way to bundle products and services. They recognized that in order to accomplish this, they needed a strategic rebrand and foundation to build a new portfolio of services.

A Category Fit Like No Other


At the core, the team set out to reposition and differentiate Vena in a crowded marketplace with human value in a machine-enabled technology world. Building upon Vena’s decade-long success in the industry and its foundational brand, Studio Science established a brand positioning strategy that would amplify Vena’s perceived perception in the marketplace with a captivating personality and compelling brand narrative.

With an in-depth understanding of customer needs driven by human-centered research, the team was able to confidently reimagine an identity to inspire people to see the true power of the Vena product offering. The team used market intelligence to drive the creation of a stronger, more cohesive brand identity and messaging. Armed with a deeper understanding of buyer needs, the team established a new brand experience that allowed people to experience Vena’s Complete Planning Platform, and understand their ability to harness the power of people, processes, and technology to simplify, communicate and unify businesses anywhere. Leveraging the power of Excel, Vena redefines a tool many use every day allowing employees to spend less time chasing down numbers and more time uncovering business insights that drive true business growth.

Communicating Value As A Service


A major part of the repositioning strategy was to articulate Vena’s brand differentiation based on the specific needs and pains the Vena solution solved. Utilizing insights from human-centered research, the team created unique and resonating value propositions that would serve as the foundation for Vena’s differentiation in the market. The unifying theme would create a consistent and compelling brand story that would enable Vena to tell a consistent and engaging story across channels throughout the customer journey.

“We found a true partnership with Studio Science. We worked hand-in-hand to uncover and build the bigger story together. Through our partnership, we dug deep to uniquely understand who we were as a brand, as individuals, and as market leaders. Without that, I don’t believe that we would feel as close and connected to the rebrand as we do. They’ve truly been an extension of our team and continued to enable Vena with fresh strategies, best practices, and a new vision that has united my team in an unbelievable way, empowering us to look forward. To this day, partnering with Studio Science continues to drive value for our team, organization and each of our customers. ”

– Allison Munro, CMO

Relevance, Sustainability and Impact


With a new brand strategy in place, Vena is well-positioned to connect and help support their customers in uncertain, yet growing times. Their brand, messaging and planning have enabled Vena to become a category leader, securing global brands like Nike, Fusion Risk Management, Paylocity, and Cloud Elements as clients who are inspiring and transforming businesses to do more with Vena.

A Partnership Worth Investing In


In order to make this foundational and creative work come to fruition, Studio Science and Vena had to closely partner together through each phase of this journey. Without the trusted exchange of critical information, open and honest communication, and brainstormed strategies between both companies, not only would the rebrand have taken longer, but the result would have been less impactful and true to who Vena actually is at their core. Studio Science also worked with the Vena team to provide best practices and strategies beyond the rebrand, enabling them to succeed long-term and have the resources they needed to never miss a beat.

The magic of this partnership happened when we brought unique perspectives and ideas together to create a new path for Vena that felt genuine, yet fresh and unique.

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