Visualizing the possibilities of digital transformation

Unqork and Studio Science give an identity to the “No Code Movement”

Unqork combines an intuitive visual “no-code” interface with enterprise grade functionality, security and scale. Their drag and drop interface let’s enterprise companies build custom applications without writing a single line of code with higher quality, and lower costs.

In the midst of unprecedented growth, fueled by the IT industry’s struggle to keep pace with business, Unqork partnered with Studio Science to develop their visual identity to strategically align with their positioning, establishing them as a market leader.

Connecting the Strategy with the Visual Identity


Just as Unqork’s application platform allows companies to connect cumbersome legacy platforms with new and more nimble solutions, they needed a brand that could visually tell their story and provide confidence to CIO’s and business leaders that they could achieve the unimaginable.

We quickly and deliberately recognized the opportunity to connect their visual identity to a deeper, more meaningful story that would provide executives with the aha moment they were searching for. The team brought the concept of complete customization to life by visualizing “qorks,” stylized versions of their components that flow and combine into large configurations.

The real magic happens when they flow and assemble into an infinite number of combinations, shapes, images, etc. This visual representation tells a complex, often misunderstood story in a way that finally brings no-code to the center of complex enterprise application development.

Adding Visual Value


Equipped with a strong brand that accurately visualizes the impact and ease their application brings to an organization, Unqork and the no-code movement have successfully made their way into the epicenter of complex enterprise application development. Today, Unqork continues on its path of rapid growth having raised a $207 million C round at a valuation of $2 billion, totaling $365 million in funding since their start in 2017.

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