Increasing customer engagement with expanded mobile experience

Simon Property Group a fortune 500 global leader in premier shopping, dining, entertainment, and mixed-use destinations across the globe, with more than 200 locations serving millions of shoppers. Simon’s mobile app acts as a companion to those shoppers, providing interactive mall maps, exclusive deals, dining reservations, and much more.

Working as a team with Studio Science, Simon improved the performance of both iOS and Android versions of the mobile app and boosted its user rating from 3.5 stars to nearly 5.



Building a successful app isn’t a static process; as users’ needs evolve, an app must also evolve to meet and exceed those needs. Simon’s previous app was built using several disparate codebases, making it difficult for the Simon team to manage and impacting its performance.

This presented an opportunity to improve the app in two key ways: optimizing the app for better performance and less maintenance and expanding features to enhance the customer experience.



Working as a team, Simon and Studio Science accomplished the following:

  • Collaborated with Simon’s back-end team to ensure seamless connection with its API
  • Built a React Native app maintained with a single codebase–a consolidation of three disparate codebases
  • Lowered overhead and maintenance costs
  • Tested the design of the new app with the target audience to refine and improve the UX before launch



As a result of the partnership between Simon and Studio Science, Simon now has an app that provides faster response times and a unique search feature. Branded as Simon Search, shoppers can now use the app to find up-to-date information on product inventory at a growing number of Simon locations.

The benefits to shoppers are apparent, but the benefit to Simon is significant as well. Its mobile app not only provides a better experience for hundreds of thousands of Simon’s shoppers; it also allows the Simon team to better engage with their shoppers through relevant content, exclusive deals, and the VIP Shopper Club.

Shoppers noticed the app’s improvement, and have given their reviews: an average rating of 3.5 jumped to 4.8 for both the iOS and Android versions.

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