Glo Fiber

Reimagining the Customer Experience

Shentel collaborated with Studio Science to develop a new definition of customer service through design.

Shentel, an established telecoms and internet service provider (ISP), recently launched a new product to market. Glo Fiber, a fiber-optic internet, voice, and television service, leverages the latest technology to bring unprecedented levels of high-speed internet to the Shenandoah Valley community.

Raising the Bar


Shentel was well-aware of the negative perceptions of ISP companies–especially in regards to customer experience. As a new brand and service, Glo Fiber had the opportunity to create a new standard for the customer experience. The company enlisted Studio Science to create a customer-centric approach to the new digital experience.

We began by collaborating with Shentel on their perceptions of the customer experience. Together, we developed hypotheses about the actions, thoughts, and feelings of a prospective Glo Fiber customer throughout their ISP search. Afterward, we conducted people-centered research with Glo Fiber beta customers to understand the needs of customers shopping for a new ISP. Armed with this knowledge, we were able to create the ideal digital experience for Glo Fiber.

Approachable Design for All


Understanding the customer journey was the first step to creating a cohesive online experience. By taking the customer’s desires, needs, and anxieties into account, we discovered the actions Glo Fiber should take at each step of the process for the optimal customer experience. This experience roadmap laid the path for an approachable omnichannel customer experience.

The end-user experience was the most crucial aspect of the final product. Transparent pricing models and information ease anxiety around the purchase while an intuitive flow through the sign-up process educates consumers about the specifications of the products they’re purchasing. Online account management is simplistic–and far better than waiting on hold with customer service by far.

The Real MVP


While the future-state customer experience was being built, Studio Science worked with the Glo Fiber team to create a beautiful and robust minimum viable product in a matter of weeks. By focusing on the intersection of business and customer needs, Glo Fiber is positioned to lead the industry in customer experience.

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