Redefining a product story to maintain market dominance

As the market matured and they expanded their offerings, Terminus needed a product story that reflected how far they’ve come.

Marketing software company Terminus helped pioneer account-based marketing (ABM) as a methodology and created the ABM platform category for B2B SaaS. As the methodology grew in popularity, Terminus’s competitors began evolving their products to adopt ABM principles. To maintain dominance in the category Terminus pioneered, the company needed to re-establish control of the ABM narrative.

The Challenge


As ABM methodology gained traction it grew beyond marketing strategy: businesses began integrating and aligning their sales, marketing, and customer success teams to maximize revenue throughout the customer lifecycle. Terminus recognized this shift and began building product functionality to support it. But the company also needed a product story to explain and identify that shift, evolving from an ABM platform to a Go-to-Market cloud.

The Solution


To understand the future of ABM and the vision for Terminus’s platform, visualizing a cycle of continuous improvement was key. Studio Science assessed Terminus’s competitive category and collaborated with the Terminus leadership team to fully understand its current competitive situation. Moving toward the future together, Terminus and Studio Science mapped the evolved methodology to the expanded product functionality.

The Studio Science team worked closely with Terminus to reconceptualize its product. After helping articulate the new Terminus product vision, Studio Science created executive-level value statements that emphasized the value of aligning sales, marketing, and customer success to improve account-based customer experiences. Finally, Studio Science designed a new marketecture that visualized the future product as a cross-functional customer continuum, rather than a marketing funnel.

The Results


A new beginning became clear shortly after Terminus and Studio Science defined and launched the vision for the next iteration of ABM, Terminus received a $90MM Series C funding round. With this new round of funding, Terminus is positioned to keep pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing and redefine the internal departmental relationships that create great customer experiences.

“Our work with Studio Science is paving the way for the next generation of ABM, and will have a lasting impact on how companies everywhere go to market. Our partnership has given us the tools we needed to articulate our vision for the future of ABM.”

Audra Felten
Senior Director, Product Marketing, Terminus

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