Communicating Value Through Web Design

Openview and Studio Science work in tandem to create engaging web experiences.

OpenView, a venture capital firm focusing on expansion-stage companies, realized their existing brand identity and web experience lacked a clear visual identity and a venue for relevant content. OpenView embarked on a journey to create new brand standards to establish their position in the crowded venture capital space. After independently establishing their new brand identity, OpenView approached Studio Science for a web experience demonstrating the value of partnering with OpenView while showcasing their new brand standards.

Individuality Meets Scalability


Based on the new OpenView brand standards, Studio Science set out to create a beautiful and functional web experience that clearly defined the advantages of working with OpenView. OpenView takes a hands-on approach to their portfolio companies, assisting with customer acquisition, corporate development, product monetization, and talent acquisition. The new web design needed to outline their approach’s benefits, highlight their portfolio companies and the success they’d garnered, and feature their valuable resources and events. In addition, the site’s scalability was top of mind, as OpenView needed to ensure their web presence was always up to date and relevant–without the need for a protracted redesign.

With these parameters in mind, we began designing the site. Since the previous OpenView site was built in WordPress, we constructed their new web presence using the same platform for continuity and ease of editing. According to the new brand standards, the content of the prior site was quickly and easily migrated to the new one. OpenView had achieved a practical, one-of-a-kind web experience.

A Fruitful Partnership


OpenView’s new web experience better reflects their brand, values, and messages. Leadership enthusiastically received the new site and enlisted Studio Science for a series of microsites for various initiatives and events. OpenView’s editable and unique web presence allows them to represent themselves authentically in the marketplace.

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