Modernizing the brand to bring the new Conga to market

Studio Science and Conga align two companies, leadership, employees and customers by redefining the brand strategy.

Conga is an industry leader in digital document transformation. As more businesses advance their digital transformation, Conga helps evolve operations, streamline workflows, create and deliver digital documents, quotes and contracts more effectively.

The configure, price, and quote (CPQ) category was quickly growing, causing an accelerated rate of middle office consolidation bringing processes and technology closer than ever before. This created the unexpected opportunity for an unlikely pairing, Apttus, and Conga, to join forces to accelerate business growth in a rapidly changing environment.

The industry was changing fast, and consolidation was happening even faster calling for the combined companies to emerge as the industry’s new powerhouse.

Gaining market advantage by uniting competing brands


The fundamental challenge for Studio Science was to take two successful, yet separate companies and bring them together under a single brand. To do so, the team took the time to talk to and engage with leadership, front-line workers, and customers of both brands to hear their unique first-hand perspectives. This approach helped identify the real stories and opportunities that lie at the heart of the two companies. What emerged were shared opportunities to help customers manage complexity, moving not only faster- but smarter, and improving the experience of relationships.

“Our challenge was anything but ordinary. It wasn’t only a pivotal time for our company, but also our industry. The Studio Science team designed a story that everyone could get behind and our new identity was visually unique and appealing.”

Daniel Incandela
CMO, Conga (former)

A sophisticated experience begins with intentional design


To keep pace with the rapidly changing market, the team would need to act quickly and efficiently gathering insights to develop and uniting a more sophisticated brand with the established albeit smaller brand of Conga.

Careful orchestration of the new brand would need to be balanced- leaning too far into either legacy brand would not unite the brands or the people under the premise of a new beginning. The brand would need to project a higher level of professionalism that communicated a depth of expertise, without being too arrogant. The redefined brand positioning and overall brand strategy would drive the alignment of leadership, employees, and customers. They needed to push the boundaries of speed while recognizing customers needed to move at a pace that allows them to succeed.

Rapid response yields early adoption


Leveraging the unity and commodity of an industry-wide conference, company leaders shared the news and new positioning rallying the internal team and customers alike around the excitement of the new direction and accelerated growth. Customers and employees can clearly see how the quick actions of Conga will not only shape the future of the company but the industry as a whole.

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