Going to market with substance and style

Integrate and Studio Science launch a demand generation site that showcases ROI

Integrate helps marketers to simplify their work by unifying demand marketing channels into a single SaaS platform. The maturation of the solution landscape presented the Integrate brand with an opportunity to lead. The Integrate team accepted the challenge of marketing to marketers. Integrate approached Studio Science to launch a website that would underscore the business outcomes of real customers.

Facilitating the Process


Studio Science initiated work by organizing a collaborative workshop with Integrate and its partners to identify objectives for the new web experience. Integrate required an innovative UX with robust capabilities to support its powerful demand generation engine and a bold UI to reflect the unique Integrate brand personality. And the project needed to embrace an accelerated timeline to go to market. Robust collaboration improved time to market and ensured that the new website would perfectly align with the Integrate brand.

“There are many moving pieces with any brand relaunch, especially on an accelerated timeline. Frequent collaboration is critical. It’s how we ensure that the new site achieves demand generation performance requirements, manifests the visual impact of the high-concept brand personality, and actively supports future customization of the buyer experience.”

Justin Zalewski Director of Product Design

Show Not Tell


We reimagined the sitemap, and established UX flows with frictionless pathways to crucial conversion points. The on-site buyer journey had to be impeccable to inspire confidence in their prospects. The new content strategy and buyer stories reflected the real value of the Integrate solution.

A Well Oiled Machine


Studio Science was able to fulfill Integrate’s needs by creating a content-rich website with deep demand generation capabilities on the backend. The site positions Integrate to grow its business by showcasing benefits rather than features. The experience has generated three times more high-quality sales leads than their previous version and impacted four times as many opportunities.

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