Expansive Coworking

Engaging People with Self-Service Solutions

Expansive empowers their tenants and employees through a multichannel community engagement platform.

Expansive, a nationwide coworking space provider, sought to distinguish their offering in a crowded marketplace by providing world-class amenities as well as the means to access services effortlessly.

Expansive challenged Studio Science to improve the breadth and depth of services available to coworking tenants and their guests. Studio Science designed a customer experience platform to replace its labor-intensive concierge model that relied on community managers.

A Unified Experience


Studio Science designed the service delivery system by mapping the goals and tasks of tenants, visitors, and community managers. Tenants wanted to book meeting spaces, order snacks, and learn about community events. Visitors desired to enter facilities with ease while maintaining site security. Community managers needed to manage the end-to-end member experience more efficiently.

Studio Science designed new services for each stakeholder group. Tenants received an iOS and Android app with features for using the space effectively. The Expansive team gained a custom administrator portal to curate and manage the member experience. This portal also serves as both a content management system and a custom CRM tool to manage accounts. Visitors are now greeted in the lobby by a kiosk that connects directly to tenants via the Expansive mobile app.

“Designing desirable services requires the alignment of frontstage behaviors with behind the scenes logistics. The system affords a more seamless experience for the customer that is more efficient and economical for the service provider. It’s win-win.”

Justin Zalewski Director of Product Strategy and Design at Studio Science

As development and testing neared completion, we worked with the Expansive team to establish a national rollout plan for the new service system.

Expansive Coworking was able to reinvent their member experience by creating functional, intuitive tools that serve the distinct needs of tenants, visitors, and managers. The new mobile app resulted in a 70% increase in adoption rate and positioned Expansive Coworking as an innovator in the coworking marketplace.

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