Constructing a Brand to Highlight True Business Value

Cherwell and Studio Science create a brand identity that encompasses all the possibilities.

Cherwell is an IT service management company based in Colorado, connects independent IT services through its infrastructure. As the ITSM sector began to mature, Cherwell realized that its brand identity focused too heavily on the IT side of their solutions and that they were falling behind the market leaders. The answer was clear: Cherwell needed to rebrand.

Redefining Value


Cherwell came to Studio Science for a new brand identity. Studio Science conducted in-depth people-centric research to understand the value of the Cherwell solution fully. We spoke with internal stakeholders to get a baseline knowledge about platform logistics and external stakeholders to understand how they were using the product.

We discovered that Cherwell could “Make Work Flow”. By connecting disparate systems, Cherwell wasn’t just making things easier for the IT teams. It was effectively bringing everyone in the company under one roof of connected systems. Cherwell needed to redefine the value their product delivered to their customers. Cherwell isn’t about IT management; it’s about workflow management. With this new definition of services in mind, we began creating visual and verbal stories surrounding this concept.

We brought the benefits of Cherwell that had been neglected in favor of the IT infrastructure to the forefront–increased visibility for processes, enhanced ability to achieve organization-wide digital transformation, and delivering a more cohesive experience for employees. By making work flow, Cherwell reduces interruptions and ensures everyone has the tools they need to succeed.

A Compelling Story


Cherwell’s new brand story allows them to reach new audiences and go toe-to-toe with market leaders. Their new cohesive brand identity highlights the underlying value of their product, telling a story that resonates with audiences and will drive business for years to come.

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