Establishing a new standard of healthcare decision making

After being denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, Amino CEO David Vivero wandered through the maze of trying to find a different, affordable plan and new doctors — all without context, information, or expertise. David knew there had to be a better, more straightforward way that provided the information he needed, packaged in a better experience. It was at this moment that the idea for Amino began.

The Challenge


In a few short years, Amino had grown from an idea into a leading healthcare guidance platform, helping people make more informed healthcare decisions as well as reducing costs for employees and employer health plans. However, due to the increasing pervasiveness of, and access to, technology, rising patient demands, and other pressing governmental regulations, dozens of emerging competitors had begun creating similar solutions. Amino needed to differentiate themselves further so that they could maintain their leading position, but how?

The Solution


Knowing great experiences are built on trust, Studio Science and Amino quickly established a close relationship. We began co-creating a refreshed brand that felt uniquely Amino, aligning our work with their existing culture, mission, and vision. And we aimed to balance its uniqueness with the need for it to work for a variety of company sizes and markets.

As we dug deeper, we found that unlike many of their competitors, it wasn’t enough for Amino to simply tout their technology to more effectively find and book healthcare — that’s table stakes. In discussions with their team and through reviewing provided business documents, we identified a clear unifying theme: Better Human Experience.

“Studio Science has been an absolute blessing to us. I’ve been extremely impressed and delighted with everyone I’ve met and worked with at Studio Science. Thank you for bringing your “A game”, and being such a good partner to us. You have supported us through a very important and transition time in the history of the company. A+ across the board.”

Sumul Shah, Co-Founder and Amino Coach

Along with the unifying theme, we began by understanding and defining the brand’s personality, tone of voice, and communication guardrails that would guide our work moving forward. Once those elements were fine-tuned, we began creating the core gestures that would support the unifying theme. A direct and straightforward shape language would represent the confident, plain-spoken personality of the brand. An array of lines, circles, and pills were created to capture the data-driven, yet human-centered connections Amino generates with its product and culture.

To appeal to a variety of company sizes and markets, a flexible system was essential for properly conveying their brand personality to unique audiences. The bright palette, warm tones, active lines, and natural photography bring warmth to the brand, separating it from many of the competitors who over-index on sterile healthcare settings or product features and functions. All of this adds up to helping audiences imagine the everyday transformations Amino powers—big and small. 

The newly formed brand was then applied to core marketing templates such as sales proposals, white papers, and social advertising to help their growing team execute ongoing communication demands at scale. 

The Impact


United under a singular vision — and now an identity that effectively represents it — Amino instills confidence in their knowledgeable solution while empowering users to savor the meaningful moments in life. With more powerful differentiation, they can maintain their active pursuit to change the status quo by enabling great experiences.

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