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Aligning the expression of the brand with a more clearly defined market segment

Workzone turns a world of endless spreadsheets, missed deadlines, and dropped balls into a calm, organized and productive space where teams are effective and efficient.

  • Brand
  • UX & UI Design
  • Website Development

Studio Science partnered with the Workzone team to update their visual brand, redesign their marketing website, and improve the UI and UX of their project management software.

Brand Design Challenge

The project management software landscape is crowded. Workzone knew that their key differentiator is their people and the quality of the support they offer customers.

Workzone asked Studio Science to visually express this differentiator in a way that scales across their brand, and to optimize their website for performance, scale, and ease of maintenance.

The Studio Science team delivered a fast and responsive site that made it easy for anyone on the team to build beautiful pages, consistent with our brand guidelines.

George Dickson, Marketing Manager, Demand Generation at Workzone

Brand Design Solution

Studio Science identified an opportunity for the brand personality to more intentionally communicate that Workzone is more than a software solution. Workzone is a champion for marketers.

The new brand design features people-oriented photography combined with bold colors and shapes to create a lively, energetic feel across the website. The website was rebuilt from the ground up with a custom modular design that allows their team to scale the site and build new vertical-focused content, resources, and landing pages—all without code and while maintaining consistency in the new brand.

Brand Design Results

The new Workzone website and brand aesthetic launched to a warm reception from the Workzone team. In the months after launch, the website showed a sustained improvement in visitor engagement metrics.

Product Design Challenge

After the brand refresh and website launch, Studio Science partnered with the Workzone team to perform an audit of the user experience within their product. Through user tests and a heuristic audit, we identified areas of the product that showed opportunities to improve their customers’ experience.

We then collaborated with the Workzone team to narrow down the list to the highest impact opportunities, and focused on creating new solutions for these areas.

Studio Science was an excellent partner in furthering our persistent goal of improving the product experience for Workzone customers.

Rick Mosenkis, President & CEO at Workzone

Product Design Solution

Studio Science redesigned product features including the task list and gantt chart to make it easier for users to navigate and interact with workspaces, projects, and tasks. As part of these updates, Studio Science implemented a new color palette optimized for greater contrast and accessibility.

Studio Science also designed a new first time user experience to better onboard new Workzone users. Because Workzone’s customer support team is their key differentiator, the experience focused on introducing the main tactical functions of the product. This left room for the customer support team to continue doing what they do best: partner with customers at a consultative and strategic level to help them improve their processes and workflows.

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