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Evolving a brand to lead industry transformation

Studio Science repositions brand and launches website embodying SalesLoft’s unique positioning

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Known for their industry-leading sales engagement technology, SalesLoft prepares sales teams to deliver a more engaging sales experience, helping customers engage with brands in a more relevant, authentic and sincere way. SalesLoft powers revenue strategies for some of the world’s largest organizations, reducing administrative time, optimizing workflows and improving process adoption- all resulting in larger more qualified pipelines.

The Challenge

The industry was changing. Business models were changing. Shifting from an individual “closer” to revenue generating teams model, it was clear that the industry was struggling to redefine themselves.

As the goals, expectations, and needs of sales teams evolved, SalesLoft realized they had the opportunity to evolve from a mid-market leadership position to an enterprise leader- inspiring, encouraging and solving big problems for their customers.

SalesLoft Homepage

The Solution

Studio Science conducted people-centered research, identifying initial opportunities for differentiation with a redefined strategic brand positioning and value proposition. In partnership with the SalesLoft team, Studio Science created a messaging platform that would serve as the foundation for a website experience that would deliver more value to a struggling industry. Not only did the new positioning and persona specific messages expand SalesLoft’s depth of expertise, it improved their positioning with C-level sales and business leaders as their trusted partner. 

After building a strong relationship with Studio Science during the repositioning project, SalesLoft once again chose Studio Science to further differentiate their transformation by creating a website aligned with their go-to-market positioning. With an established relationship in place, Studio Science built a digital experience that embodies SalesLoft’s unique positioning and is optimized to intentionally reach their key buyer persona’s. Driven by a strong relationship, SalesLoft and their customers are seeing more impactful results.

The Results
With their positioning redefined, persona driven messaging framework in place and digital experience optimized, SalesLoft has successfully helped global leaders like IBM, Yext, Zoom, Stripe, Greenhouse, Xactly transform the way they sell.

SalesLoft and Studio Science continue their transformational work together, conceptualizing and developing an integrated campaign strategy to drive increased sales productivity and marketing efficiencies through a series of carefully choreographed reputation, demand generation and sales enablement activities.

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