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Crafting a value-based brand narrative

After building momentum with their suite of compelling and effective sales tools, SalesLoft transformed their offering into a rich sales engagement platform poised to redefine the industry.

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Messages
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Qualitative Research
SalesLoft case study handout
SalesLoft Culture Book design

SalesLoft began its journey by providing a collection of efficiency-oriented tools for sales representatives. The company helped create significant time and resource savings by automating things like sending emails, making sales calls, and keeping track of leads.

Over time these tools became more sophisticated and comprehensive enough to serve as a full-fledged sales engagement platform that helps sales organizations manage communication and performance on a broad scale. SalesLoft partnered with Studio Science to build a brand and messaging strategy that would more effectively support the richness of their offering and vision for the future.

The Challenge

SalesLoft faced two challenges as it grew. First, like most successful companies, they had gained notoriety around a particular set of capabilities. This often makes it difficult to gain traction when pushing into new categories.

Second, the sales software space as a whole had picked up a lot of momentum, resulting in many new competitors and a lack of convention around industry categories and vocabulary. This makes telling a resonant story to outsiders challenging.

SalesLoft Culture Book design

Our Solution

The Studio Science team led SalesLoft through an immersive, customer-focused discovery process designed to uncover insights into the concepts, values and needs that are important to sales organizations and the individuals that make them up.

The research revealed a striking parallel between the needs and evolution of sales, and the last decade of advances—both technological and paradigmatic—of digital marketing. Sales teams don’t just need tools; they need an engagement-focused mindset and a cohesive platform that maps and manages their interactions with prospects, customers and whole organizations. This was exactly what SalesLoft had built.

SalesLoft Culture Book
SalesLoft case study presentation

Our job was to build new vocabulary and a unique visual language that told the story. Jettisoning the clichés of sales (productivity, funnels, etc…), Studio Science helped tell a story about transformation, evolution and empathy.

In collaboration with SalesLoft, we applied this story to a broad range of both internal and external communication materials.

The Results

The new brand launched at Dreamforce, one of the industry’s most noteworthy events, where SalesLoft took center stage as a platinum level sponsor.

The brand’s new aesthetic and messages helped SalesLoft distinguish itself from the competition and provided a platform for their team to share how their product, brand, and industry had evolved.  

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