Case Study


Building a SaaS product for basketball officials to hone their skills

Studio Science worked with RefQuest founder, Bo Boroski, to build an all-new platform and community for basketball officials to share plays and solicit feedback.

  • Application Development
  • UX & UI Design
  • Website Development

While Division 1 basketball officials have a wealth of resources at their disposal, officials in other divisions don’t have a sufficient platform to get feedback and improve their abilities. RefQuest founder, Bo Boroski, recognized this gap and worked with Studio Science to build an all-new platform and community focused on basketball officials outside of Division 1.

The Challenge

SaaS products require a distinct focus on user retention and engagement in order to succeed, and RefQuest was no exception. From our very first conversations, RefQuest and Studio Science focused on ways to provide immediate and ongoing value to the officials and supervisors that use the platform. Through rounds of ideation in requirements definition, wire-framing, prototyping, and user testing, we identified ways to encourage consistent participation and constructive officiating feedback from users.

Studio Science immediately understood the path RefQuest was taking. From beginning to end, their staff provided clear options, outlining benefits along the way. They were easy to communicate with and created a product far better than I envisioned.

Bo Boroski, Founder at RefQuest

The Solution

To incentivize engagement, we incorporated aspects of gamification into the product. Users receive points based on the amount of videos and comments they contribute. Video and comment quality is also incentivized through an upvoting system. These points all contribute to a user’s status on the RefQuest leaderboard, which provides a visible incentive and reminder for frequent engagement, and also gives the RefQuest team a measurable way to tangibly reward members with high contributions via promotions and giveaways.

To enable RefQuest users to access and post content wherever they are, Studio Science designed and developed the product as a responsive web app, optimized for a variety of screen sizes from phones to desktops.

Studio Science and RefQuest recognized that online communities can be tricky to manage. To help keep the site focused on learning, we set a guiding principle that all comments and feedback should be directed towards the video being posted. This led us to design a commenting experience that encouraged people to respond to the play in question, rather than other users or their comments.


RefQuest launched to an ecstatic reception from the officiating community. Since then it has continued to grow its user base and serve an increasingly large audience of basketball officials.

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