Case Study

Novel Coworking

Increasing Client Engagement Through Digital Experiences

Within a rapidly growing—and increasingly competitive—coworking industry, Novel Coworking identified the digital experience as a key point of differentiation for their brand.

  • Application Development
  • UX & UI Design
The Challenge

Novel Coworking introduced a new multichannel experience to improve the breadth and depth of services available to coworking tenants and their guests. As a provider of private offices, office suites and coworking memberships at dozens of locations across the country, Novel Coworking shifted their service model away from solely relying on a community manager to meet the needs of clients.

By focusing on users’ needs, Novel Coworking understood that many amenities (such as bookable conference rooms, access to building information, and a snack bar) had the opportunity to be self-service. Additionally, the Novel team saw an opportunity to provide a more engaging experience for visitors. Coworking members often receive visitors who need a way to announce their arrival and find their way to the correct coworking space.

The goal of the new custom mobile application was to provide a more valuable service to Novel clients, provide a tool for community managers to manage their locations and clients, and create a more engaging and useful lobby experience for visitors.

Studio Science revamped our client experience and exceeded expectations. They listened to our unique needs and found solutions for each of those. Studio Science is an exceptional professional team to work with. They delivered a fantastic product on time and under budget!

Kris Elliott, Chief Operating Officer at Novel Coworking
The Solution

The design of the new mobile app was shaped through rounds of discovery between the Studio Science and Novel Coworking teams.

The teams began by defining the goals of the clients, community managers, and visitors that the experience is meant to serve. The Studio Science team then translated those goals into a map of tasks and activities that each stakeholder group needed the ability to perform in order to accomplish their goals.

With the tasks and activities mapped, Studio Science proceeded to define the user interface and experience with increasing fidelity, while reviewing with the Novel team and handing off to development on a set schedule of weekly sprints. As development and testing neared completion, the Studio Science team worked with the Novel Coworking team to establish a national rollout plan for the new mobile experience.

The resulting iOS and Android client applications allow members to connect with a vibrant community of creators and entrepreneurs at Novel Coworking locations. Members can quickly book meeting space, stay on top of events, and order snacks from the Honor Market, all in a much more engaging customized digital environment.

To create a central source of information that enables the new mobile experience, Studio Science built a custom administrator portal for the Novel Coworking team. The web portal serves as the CMS to manage content for clients and the CRM to manage client accounts and information.

Finally, the new lobby touchscreen experience uses data from the custom CRM in order to provide visitors a simple way to look clients up by name and notify them through the client app when they have arrived.


The new digital experience provides valuable tools for clients to get the most out of their coworking experience, a better way for community managers to maintain client and building information, and an interactive lobby experience for visitors.

The new mobile app resulted in a 70% increase in adoption rate among Novel Coworking clients (60% adoption, compared to 35% with the previous client app) and the overall experience launched to an enthusiastic response from Novel Coworking clients and community managers alike.

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