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Aligning the visual personality with the new, emotional core of the brand story - Know Everything, Do Anything

6sense, an Account Based Orchestration Platform, helps modern revenue teams compete and win in the age of Account Based Buying.

  • Brand Identity Design

The evidence is clear – just like B2C, B2B customers prefer more personalized, tailored buying experiences. More companies have moved beyond the classic, “one-size-fits-all” approach to focus on building account-based marketing (ABM) solutions that engage each relevant stakeholder with targeted and personalized content. And according to The State of Account Based Marketing, when it works, it’s paying off with a serious increase in ROI.

The Challenge

However, despite the ballooning number of ABM solutions in the market, most front-line, revenue-generating teams are still struggling with discovering, adopting, and using technologies that aren’t actually solving their problems. To stay on top, 6Sense knew they needed to express their value more clearly than ever before. Modern revenue teams must be able to look across the buying journey, uncover anonymous demand signals that are invisible to traditional marketing automation tools, and prioritize an engagement strategy that connects disparate systems. By giving revenue teams the ability to know anything and do everything via their Account Based Orchestration Platform, they can finally engage customers with personalized, omni-channel, multi-touch campaigns that generate more opportunities, increase deal size, and win more often.

The reception to the new look has been incredible. Everyone who sees it loves it.

Micheal George, VP of Brand & Solutions at 6Sense

The Solution

Studio Science brought “Know Everything, Do Anything” to life by visually spotlighting all of the data that comprises a buyer journey, giving revenue teams power. Both the known and unknown—that which is hidden to revenue teams and that which is visible—is represented through an identity that combines abstract illustration and iconographic elements.

At the core of the brand is an infectious enthusiasm that motivates teams, harmonizes efforts, and amplifies sales opportunities—qualities which are embodied in an electric color palette and expressive, yet intentionally-structured compositions.

See how Studio Science can help you.

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