Studio Science + Salesforce Data Cloud

Inform Your Decisions With the Right Data

Data is the most valuable resource a company can possess, but just having customer data doesn’t lead to the outcomes you need. You actually have to be able to act on your data in timely, effective ways. And to act on it, the data needs to be accurate, reliable, and consistent.

If you’re struggling with antiquated systems that contain diverse data sources spread across departments, systems, and platforms, then you’re in the right place. Bad, duplicative data creates inefficiencies in processes and stifles innovation. But with Studio Science and Salesforce Data Cloud, that can all change.

Why Salesforce Data Cloud

Customer data is coming in from more channels and systems than ever before. And it’s not slowing down. Data Cloud works to centralize and then unify the data coming in from all of these channels to provide a single source of truth. You are then able to use that holistic data view to push out the right messaging and actions across your sales, service, and marketing departments.

Data Cloud allows companies to:

  • Eliminate data silos
  • Integrate structured and unstructured data (including PDFs, emails, etc.) into Salesforce
  • Build a comprehensive, 360-degree view of their customers
  • Leverage generative AI to act on the data being collected
  • Push out personalized customer experiences based on each customer’s unique behaviors and preferences

Connecting the Platform Dots

The value of Data Cloud is that it sits at the center of the Salesforce ecosystem, integrating your systems as a seamless ecosystem. To get the most out of the platform, you need a partner who also understands the sales, service, and commerce platforms that you’re trying to bring together. Not only do we have decades of experience in these clouds, but we are also MuleSoft experts who can handle all of your integration and automation needs.

Our Salesforce capabilities span the breadth of the ecosystem, with our most common services featuring:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Data Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Mulesoft + Automation
  • Salesforce Order Management

Bringing Data Cloud to Life

Studio Science and Salesforce have developed a demo that showcases cross-cloud use cases bringing together Salesforce’s products and demonstrates the power of a holistic system.

Using the example of a home appliance brand and customer in the middle of a renovation, you’ll see how Data Cloud interacts with Commerce Cloud, OMS, Service Cloud, and more to centralize data and enhance the customer experience through real-time activations.

Turning Data Into Incredible Experiences

Again, the reason every organization is trying to collect as much information as possible is not to just let the data accumulate in the cloud for a rainy day. It’s to act. The ultimate goal of a Data Cloud solution is to be able to deploy personalized, relevant content in real time that creates an unparalleled experience. And creating unparalleled experiences is what we do every day.

Our CX teams help you deliver experiences across the customer journey that drive action and positively impact loyalty, taking the insights from your data to wow customers. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • User flows and journey mapping
  • Content and brand strategy
  • UX and UI design
  • Testing

Ready to get a handle on your data?

Whether you want to learn more or aren't sure where to start, fill out the form to talk with one of our data and Salesforce experts. We offer a number of tools to help you better understand your needs and the right approach forward so you can start seeing results toward your goals.