Kelsy Spaeth
Director, Brand Strategy

Kelsy Spaeth leads our Brand Strategy practice, helping brands establish their core foundational elements, differentiate their positions in the market, and tell a unified brand story. With a background in business management and logistics, she approaches projects holistically while not being afraid to dive into the details.

In her role, she leads a team of web designers, content, and brand strategists, encouraging them to understand the entire problem space, collaborate openly with clients, and use people-centered approaches to help identify the emotional goals of customers. She likes to ask what problem we are solving and what problem we should be solving as a way to make sure the result is the best experience possible. 

A problem-solver at heart, Kelsy dives into extracurricular development initiatives at the studio. Her passion for helping others carries outside of the office, where she volunteers as a tutor with Brightlane Learning and is an active member of her neighborhood association.