Design Sprints

From idea to prototype—in just 4 days.

Test new ideas and prototype solutions, in just a matter of days, with the Studio Science team. Through collaboration and rapid prototyping, we’ll bring any idea to life.

Sprint teams at Studio Science
Sprint teams at Studio Science
Teamwork at Studio Science

What is a design sprint & why is it worth it?

Compress lengthy project timelines into a week–learning what your customers really want.

A design sprint is a process to validate products, ideas, and strategies before launching and entering a market. With a diverse group of collaborators, we’ll spend the week designing and testing prototyped solutions. Design sprints make it easier than ever to throw a diverse set of solutions against the proverbial wall, and see what sticks.

A sprint for every challenge.

Explore new markets.

Before investing significant resources into new market-driven solutions, make sure they address your customer’s real problems.

Design new products.

What users say that want is not always what they need. Deliver user success through sprint-based product prototyping and testing.

Ideate new strategies.

Make sure your strategy not only works on the napkin sketches and whiteboards, but ultimately drives business results.

How does
it work?

Everyone on the team becomes a designer for our quick 4-day, collaborative sprint week.

Map & Sketch

We’ll think about the long-term goal, map the challenge, consult experienced professionals, and pick a target. Then, we'll sketch potential solutions.


The team will get together to critique individual sketched solutions, decide on a direction, and collaborate on storyboarding the final prototype that we’ll test.


Fast-paced exploration and iteration will move our storyboarded concepts towards a higher-fidelity prototype that’s ready for a reliable test with users.


We’ll take the prototyped solution and begin testing with real customers. The team will listen and document insights based on the captured feedback. Finally, we’ll recap what we’ve learned, and define clear next steps.

You’re in good company.

Innovative brands collaborate with Studio Science to discover profitable opportunities, design delightful digital products, and shape desirable customer experiences.


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