How a Website Transformed the Brand Experience

Video is the most engaging medium and the preferred way to consume content, yet many companies struggle to scale their video content production because it’s costly to create, difficult to make relevant to different audiences, and almost impossible to scale efficiently. SundaySky empowers businesses to rethink video, enabling users to easily and efficiently create high-quality, personalized video at scale without any prior experience.

Organizations that rethink video achieve transformational business value in the form of operational efficiencies, deeper engagement that drives actions, and lasting impact on top-line growth and bottom-line cost savings.

The Challenge

After shifting its brand strategy, SundaySky needed a website that was more representative of its new brand. The site needed to accomplish three main objectives:

  • Convey the new visual identity and narrative of the brand to customers in a way that would drive conversions and loyalty.
  • Incorporate a more video-immersive experience to showcase the functionality and power of SundaySky.
  • Empower the marketing team to quickly and easily update the site without needing development resources.

The Solution

Together, SundaySky and Studio Science co-created a modernized web experience that supported the new brand strategy in a way that was engaging, efficient, and scalable. In order to deliver the modernized experience to end users, the team had to account for the needs of the marketing team and what would make them more efficient in the day-to-day usage of the site on the back end. To do this, the design team built the site using back-end modules that could be easily dragged and dropped into a new or existing page.

Within each module, Studio Science provided technical documentation so the marketing team had a clear understanding of how things would look once a page was built or the site updated. This required collaboration across not only the Studio Science and SundaySky marketing teams, but also the internal design team of SundaySky. During the co-creation process, the development team would iterate on the module and code, while the design team would iterate on the actual assets that were placed on the site to deliver the new visual appearance aligned with the new marketing strategy.

No longer would the marketing team have to worry about breaking the site because of a misplaced period in edited code, or breaking the home page because they made a copy change on a sub-page. They can now move forward with confidence and security that if they want to shift marketing strategies or copy on the fly to be responsive to customer needs and their market, they can do this as frequently as they wish quickly and easily, without the need of development resources.

For customers, the modernized site provides a much more realistic and holistic view of the SundaySky brand, as it should be represented in alignment with the new strategy. This included:

  • An evolved visual experience to be more representative of a leading technology company.
  • A new information architecture that takes into account user needs, business goals, and different types of content to guide users on a journey specific to their needs, leading to an enhanced customer experience.
  • A site optimized for SEO and speed by off-loading all the JavaScript to happen after the page loads, resulting in quicker hits in search and improved rankings with Google.
  • Images were also optimized with asynchronous loadings of JavaScript. Motion graphics were converted to MP4 files from GIFs, speeding up any pages with animation.

“(Studio Science did an) incredible job of bringing a new brand and design system to life on our primary digital property. The new brand was still in its infancy and there was plenty of blank space to manifest the new brand on the website, and the Studio Science team really nailed it.”

Rachel Eisenhauer, VP of Corporate Marketing and Communications

The Impact

SundaySky shareholders were pleased that the site not only aligned with the new marketing strategy, but also that value propositions are clearly communicated and accurate, in addition to delivering a customer experience customers needed. The steps taken to optimize the site makes it easier for SundaySky to connect with customers and guide them quickly and efficiently to relevant solutions, helping to increase conversions and new customers.

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