Conveying the vision of Analytics for All

To help further accelerate digital transformation across the enterprise, Alteryx needed to inspire prospects, customers, and analysts with their new vision at their annual user conference.

The Challenge


Alteryx had recently developed its Analytics for All initiative, which brings the power and insight typically reserved for power users, like data scientists and analysts, to a broader set of roles across the enterprise. By democratizing analytics, Alteryx can help fuel faster and more substantive transformation within organizations.

They planned to unveil the new initiative and branding at their annual user conference, Inspire Americas, in Denver. However, because of other ambitious goals and a fight against time, the Alteryx team sought a partner who could own the creation of their main stage keynotes and connect their vision with the needs and desires of customers, prospects, analysts, and investors. Having created main-stage presentations for several high-profile events and some of the largest conferences in the world, Studio Science proved that we were just the partner they needed for this event.

The Solution


Studio Science understood the opportunity Alteryx had to introduce its new vision and create momentum at the conference. To make the most of the opportunity, the first step was to develop a compelling story across four executive keynotes that wove together their historic successes with their future company vision while touching on brand position, product roadmaps, company culture, and product demos.

The team started by mapping each of the presentations in a shared workspace, identifying and connecting common themes, elevating the most relevant portions of the content, and ensuring the story arcs at the individual level led the audience to clear and concise resolutions. By creating a story that maps to audience needs, the audience can more readily engage with the content. Additionally, mapping the presentations helped shift the narrative from specific product features and functions to something more inspirational. By following this approach, Alteryx could better address the missing emotional connection and more easily bring their content to life.

Once the story arcs were mapped, Studio Science, established the keynote look and feel, and created all of the presentation visuals, refining them in highly iterative cycles as the conference grew closer. Studio Science provided on-site support, helping the Alteryx events team, executives, and production company prepare for the event, and served as a liaison between the executives and the production team.

As the content displayed on larger-than-life screens, the design and animation details needed to be precisely executed. We ensured the content was legible from any seat in the hall, double-checked colors for accessibility, and properly queued animations. Throughout rehearsals, the team built trust and helped reduce anxiety ahead of the event.

“We used the design process to develop and prototype the entire keynote narrative and find the opportunities that brought out a deeper, more emotional connection with the Alteryx brand that wasn’t there before.”

Alyson Payne, Manager, Visual Communication Design Lead

The Impact


Alteryx Inspire Americas was a resounding success. And, with the help of Studio Science, Alteryx was able to inspire the largest group of attendees to date, with the promise of Analytics for All.

Studio Science helped Alteryx find efficiencies, better collaborate, and lead with more emotionally-driven storytelling. We continue to partner with them and support their conferences around the globe.

“Studio Science has continually raised the standard for our brand with each event. Their ability to leverage a brand as a powerful storytelling tool has been an asset in launching our company into a new class of the most influential software brands. I value their ongoing partnership in helping Alteryx deliver world-class experiences to our customers, employees, and partners.”

Keith Pearce, CMO

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