Bringing Strategy to Life Through Intelligent Design

6Sense and Studio Science collaborate to create a relatable and emotional visual identity

6Sense, an account-based orchestration platform, creates software determining customers’ intentions to buy online. The AI-enabled solution has revolutionized online purchasing and sales strategy by enabling sales representatives to spend their time on prospects who are most likely to buy.

6Sense approached Studio Science with a need for a strong visual identity to match their bold, new content strategy, “Know Everything, Do Anything”. Working in tandem with the 6Sense team, Studio Science elevated the visual identity to complement their existing brand infrastructure.

Humanizing AI


6Sense provides a valuable and innovative service, but as AI software, the brand can easily veer into an overly technical and impersonal space. Our task was to translate the strategy into visual communication and emphasize the human creativity behind the solution.

Many companies in the industry rely on dark, heavy color palettes. This design choice can lean into the impersonal impression of these types of solutions. By choosing a lighter and brighter color scheme, 6Sense can sidestep those implications with an approachable appeal. Hand-drawn illustrations evoke emotion and visually spotlight the data that comprises a buyer journey. All of these elements come together to visually describe a brand with an infectious enthusiasm that motivates teams, harmonizes efforts, and amplifies sales opportunities.

“It’s not corporate or buttoned up. It’s more expressive. The core we were trying to drive for is that everyone has their own make-up, identity, and viewpoints. They’re unique. To reflect that, we wanted it to seem handmade, rather than machine-made.”

Brian Pennington Director of Brand Design

A Perfect Match


Studio Science’s relatable and emotional approach complemented the existing brand strategy. A strong foundation and a partnership with Studio Science enabled 6Sense to achieve a well-rounded brand identity. By building on the current framework, Studio Science was able to help 6Sense showcase the creativity and humanity behind the code.

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