Studio Science is seeking a fall 2018 graphic design intern to join our team.

Graphic Design Intern

We are looking for a graphic design intern who is self-directed, curious, and a lifelong learner. Our dynamic work environment will allow you to flex your creative muscles and apply what you learned in school to real client work.

You’ll touch many projects (both external and internal) and you’ll be expected to take responsibility for the work you’re assigned.

You’ll receive mentorship to guide you both in your immediate professional work and next step career goals.

We’ll welcome you into our community to participate in activities inside and outside of work. If our values are a good fit, you will have the time of your life.


  • communicate interpersonally with teammates through speaking and writing
  • conceive and share new ideas
  • translate design concepts into visual solutions
  • apply visual design skills with sensitivity
  • complete production with high quality and accuracy
  • follow directions and be detail oriented
  • prioritize tasks to produce accurate results within quick turnaround times
  • use software effectively and efficiently


  • excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • excellent collaboration skills
  • ability to thrive in an environment of continual feedback; address stressful situations with poise, understanding, and tact
  • a clear point of view on the value of design for people and organizations
  • a generalist orientation to design including skills for brand design, information design, and experience design (UI/UX) in a range of contexts across analog and digital formats
  • ability to design solutions for a clearly defined audience
  • ability to apply the formal elements of design (visual concepts, composition, typography, color) with sensitivity
  • proficiency using industry-standard design tools and software
  • ability to work on-site in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana