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Studio Science helped us gain fresh and critical perspectives not just of our brand, but of how the sales industry as a whole is evolving. They worked closely with our team and our clients to craft a brand that has strengthened our internal culture, and positioned us to lead the way in creating the future of sales productivity.”

Dustin Sapp, Octiv Co-Founder and CEO

The Studio Science team started with a discovery phase aimed at mapping the sales technology ecosystem, gaining the insights of clients and other stakeholders to develop a deep understanding of their challenges, needs, and opportunities. It became clear that the fragmentation of the sales technology marketplace was at the heart of the problems modern sales teams are facing, resulting in sluggish and rigid workflows that provide little visibility into process and performance, and inconsistent results. Sales workflows and systems are complex, and the answer isn’t “easy.” The answer is a sophisticated solution that connects a multitude of data sources, tools, and people.

With these insights, Studio Science designed and executed a comprehensive new brand and positioning strategy, including changing the name of the company to Octiv, a simple and strong monicker with musical undertones that references the harmony the new sales productivity platform brings to enterprise sales teams.

The team developed a sophisticated new visual identity, brand and messaging strategy, and a fresh new web design to reflect the new brand. As a capstone, Studio Science produced a bold, high-energy video that tells the story of the rapidly shifting industry, and how Octiv is leading the charge into a new era of sales.

The new brand has been received with excitement both inside and outside of the organization. Studio Science continues to work closely with Octiv on brand, marketing, and product design initiatives.

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