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High Alpha

The Challenge

Great design, which used to be a unique differentiator, is now a non-negotiable hallmark of any successful product company.

However, many young companies struggle with fully integrating design into their processes, particularly at the early stages in their maturation. Often times, the value of design as a methodology is understood, but difficult to practically implement, due to staffing, financial and resourcing constraints.

High Alpha’s desire was to move beyond the traditional agency / client relationship, and to embed a team of dedicated Studio Science designers directly into High Alpha, as well as into their rapidly growing list of portfolio companies.

“High Alpha’s core values are: Dream Big, Expect More and Move Fast. Partnering with Studio Science allows us to live into these values, by providing an experienced and committed team of world-class design talent quickly and at scale. It’s been a key element of our early success and we are eager to continue to lean into our design-driven philosophy. ”

Kristian Andersen, Partner High Alpha

Our Solution

Studio Science team members have deep experience across a range of disciplines, including User Experience design, User Interface design, web design / development, and brand and identity design. This range of experience allows the Studio Science designers embedded within High Alpha to directly influence the development of new businesses across a variety of industries and growth stages.

From developing customer personas, brand identity, pitch and sales materials and minimally viable product prototypes, to partnering with product engineers to design and develop the fully functional product—our designers are an essential part of High Alpha’s business creation process.

The Results

Studio Science has worked with High Alpha since its inception in the Spring of 2015.  We’ve played a pivotal role in the launch of 8 net-new businesses. In just 18 months these businesses have raised more than $25M in funding and added more than 100 new jobs in downtown Indianapolis.

We are thrilled to partner with High Alpha and look forward to continuing to support the launch of the next generation of enterprise software companies.

Innovative brands collaborate with Studio Science to discover profitable opportunities, design delightful digital products, and shape desirable customer experiences.