The leader in daily deals refines its personality and vision with a new design direction, bridging a successful past with a bold future.

Services Delivered

  • Research & Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Sales Collateral
  • Website Design
  • Web / Mobile UI
  • Service Design
  • Content Development

Groupon partners with local businesses to offer can’t-miss bargains on products and experiences. Groupon’s daily deals offer people low-risk opportunities to try new things, while giving businesses a surge in sales and a chance to develop new customer relationships.

Groupon commands and defines the daily deal market. In fact, “Groupon” has become to daily deals what “Kleenex” is to facial tissue. But as with many true innovators, success has forced Groupon to face the dilemma of differentiation in a market crowded and confused by other entrants. A crowded market may be a good thing for consumers, but it’s a real problem for merchants deciding which daily deal partner to choose, and why. Groupon needed a partner with deep expertise in B2B brand communication, so they turned to Studio Science to enhance and strengthen the brand personality that’s redefined local commerce for millions of customers.

Sell sheets and user guides for Groupon's Merchants

Studio Science began with an extensive audit of Groupon’s existing materials, followed by nationwide focus groups with past, present, and potential merchants whose businesses cover the spectrum of Groupon’s market verticals. While the original documents were functional, the feedback was clear: business owners wanted a view of Groupon’s value proposition for their businesses, delivered with as much simplicity, clarity, and vision as they’ve come to expect from the rest of the brand.

Studio Science developed a compelling new design direction for Groupon’s marketing team. The design marries an illustrative approach to Groupon’s idealized vision for local commerce, photos and tips from real world merchants, and screenshots of the applications that bring Groupon’s vision to life. Studio Science then applied the direction across an array of marketing materials and user guides to ensure a consistent customer experience at every turn.

It could be considered a risky endeavor to change things while you’re winning, but Groupon’s success depends on the company’s ability to keep moving forward. The engagement with Studio Science has helped Groupon extend its advantage by solidifying its brand presence, clarifying its broader value proposition, and charting an enduring course for design and the communication of a brand that continues to shape American culture and commerce.