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Studio Science does topnotch design work, but more importantly they are great listeners. They take the time to understand you and your core problem before any real design is even done.”

Dan McFadden, CTO and Co-Founder of ClusterTruck

Studio Science began with a discovery phase aimed at understanding the needs, desires, and key motivations of ClusterTruck’s target market. In addition, the research team attended a food truck festival in Indy to gain first hand-experience, truly understand consumers and position ClusterTruck for success.

Every aspect of the ClusterTruck brand needed to align with the notion of revolutionizing how people consume food—from visual identity to messaging. The content strategy was brought to life by informal real-time engagement with individual customers and bold language.

Brand is simply part of the solution. Execution is key; considering the entire user experience—from login to follow up after delivery. Studio Science designed a streamlined ordering and delivery service across web and mobile devices.

ClusterTruck launched in the Spring of 2016 with eminent success in Indy, amassing more than 11,000 customers, and raising more than $3 Million in capital. ClusterTruck has since commented on their future plans to expand with new locations in Bloomington, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio.

Studio Science continues to partner with ClusterTruck—keep an eye out for new work and company updates.

Innovative brands collaborate with Studio Science to discover profitable opportunities, design delightful digital products, and shape desirable customer experiences.


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